Hello Portugal - We Like You Already!

Jon & Carol Dutton
Sat 1 Oct 2011 19:57

41:41.56N 08:49.35W


We set off from the anchorage at Islas Cies as planned at around 0930.  There was very little wind so it was a gentle motoring job for the 30 NM or so south to Viana do Costello.  We tied up alongside the waiting pontoon in Viana do Costello at around 1430 Portuguese time (an hour behind Spanish time).  The advice was not to go inside the marina itself.  We’ve got spring tides and, given our draught of 2.4m, would probably go aground at low water.  Not that that’s a major issue – done that plenty of times alongside in Lymington and Gosport.  But it’s a nuisance if you want the freedom to move on at will.  And, here, it makes little difference whether you are actually inside the marina or not – apart from about a further two minutes to walk to the marina office.


So, what’s to like about here?  Apart, that is, from the €15 a night charge.  Stop – let me re-run that –  €15 a night (or a bit less than 13 quid) for a casual visitor of our size.  Hm; not entirely used to that in the south of England.  Other stuff that seems to be pretty agreeable includes 80ºF temperatures, the port captain who obviously likes his job and sorted out the potentially tricky entry formalities in a trice, the laundrette facilities and a very historic and charming little town which we’ll explore a bit tomorrow.