Another 200 Mile Day And We Turn For St Lucia With 450 NM To Go

Jon & Carol Dutton
Sun 4 Dec 2011 00:44

16:32.67N 53:28.27W


Sunday 4th December – 0015 GMT  Another 200 Miler


Our position at 1900 GMT Thursday 1st December:  16:50.00N; 46:46.30W


Our position at 1900 GMT Friday 2nd December:  16:44.60N; 50:16.66W


Distance covered calculated as rhumb line (line of constant bearing): 202.7NM


Distance calculated as great circle (shortest possible distance on globe): 201.5NM


Either way it's another 200 mile day.


We are now a little over 450NM from St Lucia.  At about 1600 GMT (1800 ship's time) we gybed onto the direct course for St Lucia.  We know that the wind is going to die on us.  We know that we can more than hold our own in tough conditions where our sails (particularly Percy) are easier to control than standard racing sails.  So, we like that stuff mainly because most opposition hates it (if opposition can be said to exist when one is quite definitely not racing - but let's just suppose one were).  We ain't quite so sure about more civilized conditions.  Sure, the G&T won't spill (it won't anyway aboard Arnamentia at the moment but we won't go into that again) but we haven't got aboard the normal general purpose sails that might just do us better here.  However, we'll see.