Skye Blue into squalls and beyond

Fri 2 Dec 2022 12:20
Morning all!
as we count down the miles to St Lucia we have met with our very first squall... we were just digesting our delicious Danish Goulash dinner prepared by "mother of the day", Ulrich, in the baking hot galley, when the air temperature plummeted, the wind started to build to a roar and the heavens opened!  We careered off downwind at 30 plus knots (not boat speed - not got the foil installed yet), dishes were cleared at rocket speed, shirts were whipped off (no time to put waterproofs on), and the sails were reefed in at lightening speed by our now "well oiled" and soaking wet reefing team... and then a few minutes later it was calm and the wind dropped to 10 knots, and the crew stood there dripping wet but clean and happy and skipper Stephen was probably mightily relieved.
We had one more (1 hour long) squall during an otherwise beautiful moonlit night which Malene and Maja managed beautifully, then dawn broke to another beautiful day and a few miles closer to St Lucia.
The wet kit is drying in the sunshine, the fishing rod is out and we are hoping for fish pie soon...
Keep well
Skye Blue crew Janet x
15:25.1170N 45:52.5779W