Skye Blue gelling crew

Skye Blue sailing
Stephen and Malene
Mon 28 Nov 2022 15:24
Isn't it enlightening how yacht crews gel - or not - when they come together for a sail?
On board Skye Blue the crew is a combination of genders and nationalities and it has been a pleasure to get to know everyone as the trip has progressed. All of us knew someone on board but the majority of the crew hadn't met before the ARC. Before the journey the first time all of the crew came together was the Saturday night before departure.
The start, of course, was fairly interesting and it became clear that our crew were going to get on well. Tasks were done willingly, those less experienced were brought on in a caring way as everyone got their sea legs. When things settled down after a few days everyone got into the watch routine - 3 on 6 off.  It became apparent that we have some characters on board and the craic has been first class with many good laughs.
Everyone understands the need to work well together to achieve the common goal. They get that people have strengths and weaknesses and work together to exploit the strengths and negate the weaknesses. This in essence is teamwork.
To go a bit deeper. If this philosophy was adopted by our politicians worldwide I can't help feeling the world would be a happier place. Maybe the G7/8 should be held on a yacht next time and they should be made to sail it to it's destination. I wonder where they would end up?
We're going to get to St Lucia!!
See you there,
Skye Blue crew Raymond