Skye Blue provisioning

Skye Blue sailing
Stephen and Malene
Fri 25 Nov 2022 15:02
See, that provisioning for an Atlantic crossing thing. Yes, the ARC style provisioning where no one has ever starved. We did not want to be known as the first boat ever to do so. We have taken that too far... Knocked out by fruit is a real and present danger!
We are currently on 7 a day. We have packed up our Yellowbrick (no of course not) as we can easily be found by the trail of banana skins we are leaving behind us. We have enough garlic to fend off the entire population of North Atlantic vampires. Neil has eaten more pears in the first three days than in his entire existence. Maja just made a delish banana cake and later Baldrick is cooking Spanish tortilla - hoping to make a dent in the potato stash.... We are ok on the food side.
And the update on the sailing: we got the main up today! One reef. Poled out jib to stb. Staysail up. Sun shining. Dolphins jumping. Life is good. Now off to join the guitar led sing-along in the cockpit.
Skye Blue