Skye Blue sailing ARC'22

Skye Blue sailing
Stephen and Malene
Sat 26 Nov 2022 16:35
Away from Las Palmas
- a rocky start it was.
The wind in our sail
carrying us across.
Now we're surfing the waves
at satisfying speed.
On a November morning
what more could you need!
Every day is getting warmer and warmer
it's hard to believe Christmas is around the corner.
Food on board is delicious indeed
which is good
since there are eight mouths to feed!
Apples, oranges, avocados
all hanging in a net
swinging around
always bumping into my head.
The onions I had almost forgotten!
It's a shame that half of them are rotten...
The colours of the night
we must remember to mention!
For this beauty is worth
a moment of your attention.
I promise you,
you've seen nothing like this!
Their million burning shapes
not something to miss.
The twinkling lights
and shooting stars fly
Their lights
burning twice as bright
on the attractive night sky.
At last a verse for the future
- for it will be many days still
till we reach Saint Lucia.
May the wind and the current carry us west!
To the Caribbean
the destination of our quest.
And thank you to the ARC
for this fantastic journey
that we are on!
And a cheers to the many adventures
hopefully yet to come.