Skye Blue cruising in company of friends

Skye Blue sailing
Stephen and Malene
Thu 1 Dec 2022 13:09
The solitude of an Ocean crossing
After ten days at sea and almost 2000 miles of sailing, we were expecting to enjoy the solitude of the vast Atlantic ocean but we have been surprised by a clutch of five yachts wanting to keep us company. Our crack international crew of experienced sailors valiantly held the challengers at bay for almost 24 hours, but the Italians on Occhi Indaco, a sleek 19m Grand Soleil maxi racing machine with carbon sails crept by at dawn. We hope to catch them after their post pasta siesta.
Smooth Operator, a 17m Dufour, has raced up behind us but is still behind and maybe not operating so smoothly in the rolling seas. Talisman of Ipswich, another similar sized 15m Bowman, has probably donated their talisman to the England team.
We had to change our course for Ambra, a 16m Swan, two nights ago and they are still hanging on our coat tails. We are beginning to think they are resting in anticipation of going all out for a race to the finish near st Lucia, Lastly, we have our friends on Mairmade, big Shuggie's 17m Hanse, we passed each other a couple of nights ago but they have fallen behind, maybe they are not so blessed after all....  Thanks for keeping us on our toes, all! And thanks for keeping us company X
We all have only 1000 miles to go and, with the winds are forecast to go much lighter, anything can happen and we still have all to play for!
Love from Skye Blue crew Neil