Skye Blue "To motor or not to motor, that is the question"

Skye Blue sailing
Stephen and Malene
Sun 4 Dec 2022 11:13
Well hello there ARC fans. You read this as we enter our third and hopefully final week. Throughout the journey we have shared our new experiences and musings but we would now like to share some of the more quirky, mundane and otherwise more repetitive activities and conversations of a transatlantic crossing.
But before we do, a few hot off the press news items.
News Bulletin 1 - We have a new nickname for Neil (formerly known as Flashheart). Borne out of his insatiable appetite and ever willingness to finish off the team leftovers. Yesterday  someone described him as being like a "wheelie bin", only for someone seconds later to chime in -"more like a Neily-bin!". Sometime this stuff writes itself. Sorry Neil we know you loved your Flasheart moniker but the crew's word is final.
News Bulletin 2 - We say a fond farewell to our 9th crew member - our favourite boat bucket. Lost at sea on 3rd December @ 4.22pm - taken from us far too young. After the crew rallied valiantly to save "Old  Bluey", in what became a nail biting exchange of Crew vs. Ocean. On our final attempted rescue sail by, Old Bluey rotated releasing his final air pocket of breath only to sink slowly down towards the depth of the Ocean floor. You will be sadly missed. You helped us collect sea water for deck showers, you stored sponged up excess water from the bilges, you held potatoes as they were being peeled, you were an ever listening ear during those long night shifts. Take care old friend - rest in peace.
News Bulletin 3 - Our new boat signage is almost finished. Malene in her usual act of daring-do, managed to peel off the old "Skye 51" label on the boom and replaced it with a shiny new "Skye Blue" sign. Oh what a font everyone remarked! So here we are finish-photo ready, aiming to look our best as we coast into Rodney Bay in style.
New Bulletin 4 - Last and certainly not least - our old reliable friend over the last 13 days - the 'Trade Winds' have deserted us. Those who are YellowBrick tracker savvy may have noticed our diminishing pace and erratic changes in course. This has not been due to our desire to take the scenic route home, but rather a need to reach those sought after pockets of gusting wind. A recent lunch of beans-on-toast notwithstanding. Alas it came to a head late yesterday afternoon with heavy heart a decision to switch on the motor. A strategic sailing move but in part also to stave off a potential crew mutiny. All was settled shortly afterwards when a semblance of speed was restored to 5 Kts.
Moving on to crew observations, common quotes, and otherwise surreal but less reported activities of the last 2 weeks...
1. Does anyone want another apple? To make a dent in the apple orchard's worth of supply we bought pre-departure.
2. You know that water bottle push-pump dispenser thingy - best buy ever!
3. At least once a day each of us will ask where something is. She will respond with tolerance and know exactly where said item is.
4. Hvor er min frokost? / What's for dinner? / What are you going to have as your first meal back on shore? First meal?? - I'm having a cold beer!
5. Are there seconds for dinner? (usually Neily-bin)
6. Who is on the blog today? Usually followed by evasion of eye contact amongst crew members.
7. A comment of - "It's scorching on deck", as someone leaves to go below deck. Only to return 20 mins later saying "blimey its too hot in the galley". This cycle repeats for at least 4 hours.
8. Ross & Neil mainly trying to trick Skipper Stephen into revealing his total sailing date and time of arrival prediction for our sweepstake. We prevailed on day 13!
9. Someone says "I smell, I need a wash". Which is repeated often for 3 days before said person actually does wash themselves,
10. To the person at the helm - "Are there any other boats on the scanner?" Quickly followed with "what's their speed and bearing?"
11. "Do we have enough fuel to motor yet?" Followed by Stephen under his breath - wish we had gotten those 2 extra cans of diesel.
12. The war cry of "Deck cushions away!" if there are any mutterings of turmeric being in that day's dinner. Apparently its kryptonite to the soft furnishings of a newly refurbished Yacht.
13. People walking about in little more than pants and other skimpy under garments. It's like back stage at a Paris fashion show in here at times - less 'haute couture' and more 'hotchin' couture'  (meaning busy and not so nice - for our non-Scottish followers). The look is so deeply unsexy that eyelids are no longer batted.
Ok folks - I've rambled on for far too long. Many thanks to all the well wishers out there. We're on the home straight now. See you in Caribbean time!
Skye Blue Crew Ross - Out