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Stephen and Malene
Tue 29 Nov 2022 11:26
Well hello there - we've been expecting you...
We have just passed the halfway point on our never ending story, so a perfect opportunity to take some time out to introduce you to this motley crew of Skye Blue.
First-up we have First Mate - Malene (aka Ms Blackadder), our hardest working crew member and co-owner if this fine vessel. She chooses an around the world trip (perhaps not in 80 days!), she chooses a big frigging boat, she chooses life. She met everyone's favourite Skipper Stephen on this very boat and shortly afterwards told him - "you had me at hello". What's that - is it a bird or a plane, no its Super-Malene climbing up ropes and hanging from various bits of the boat, to pull off that mission impossible, to fix those essential falling headlining at 2 a.m.!?!
Next up our very own Braveheart - Raymond (aka Nursey) our ship's doctor (well first aider), fisherman and overall muscle man in the crew (he is after all an Atholl Highlander). Fierce in concentration yelling "don't jibe until you see the whites of their eyes". Following up with  a "when this baby hits 88 knots you are going to see some serious stuff". He also likes to bellow Freeeeddddoooommm, as the sun sets each night whilst wearing his kilt and daubed with white and blue paint - the Mel Gibson of the high seas!
Next is our baby of the group and resident Scientist, Baker & Poet - Maja (aka Mrs Miggens). Quiet but steely in determination her ever calm demeanor and easy manner means you often hear her retort  - "frankly my dear, I don't give a damn". Maja is on this boat for the long haul - or to infinity and beyond! She says "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"...or more likely you find a box stashed somewhere on board and discover some swine has scoffed the lot. Jeez it's like the Hunger Games in here.
How can we forget raconteur and bon viveur - Neil (aka Captain Flashheart). For some reason he likes to introduce himself at the Sundowner party's as "the name's Davidson, Neil Davidson - licenced to sail". This master and commander likes to stare into the middle distance whilst at the helm saying 'bring me the horizon", followed by an enormous burp which kind of kills the vibe. This danger man always feels the need, the need for speed, often commenting we're "gonna need a bigger boat" or at the very least a bigger plate of food. This international man of mystery is groovy baby.
Our resident musician & romantic - Ulrich (aka Baldrick) - he loves the ocean, in fact ever since he could remember he wanted to be a gangster (I mean Sailor), The first to get the fishing gear out as he made the statement - "say hellooo to my liiittle rod". But sadly the first bite got away. He looked pensive, turned to the ocean and proclaimed "I'll be back".
Newbie to sailing and some time Shipwright wannabe - Ross (aka Bob), knows this boat intimately, having hit his head off most parts of it during the renovations, and again on board, off the the hanging garden of fruit, we have below deck. When questioning an order he often asks "SURELY, you can't be serious?", only to be met with a "Yes, but don't call me SHIRLEY".  Often taunted by the rest of the crew he asks "do you think I'm funny, funny like a I amuse you!" A fan of puzzles he often closes dinnertime with a "riddle me this" invitation.
Next up our lady of the Sea - Janet (aka Queenie) who loves nothing more than going to the bow of the boat and yelling "I'm queen of the world". Janet is our resident counselor and well-being expert - looking out for those in need of help. Just don't ask her to explain pairs of anything [Inside joke]. She has already commented - " it looks like I chose the wrong week to give up drinking". But no-one putting Janet in the corner and she is having the time of her life.
And last but certainly not least - Stephen (aka Captain Darling) our Skipper, our old salty sea dog often yelling "I could have been a contender!" but for what no-one has been able to work out. He once proclaimed over a crew members dinner in Las Palmas - "In all the Sailor's bars in all the world you had to walk into mine". Which baffled us since he made the dinner reservation. Always called upon for the challenging helming periods, he often sighs - "just when  i thought I got out...they pulled me back in". He is a master of making that great escape on the high seas, before commenting to the rest of the crew - that was another fine mess you'd gotten me into.
So that's us - 3 Great Danes and 5 Steely Scots. This has been our life aquatic. We hope you enjoy our remaining tales of the unexpected, and that we don't become like those Lord of the Flies.
P.S. In other more sensible news - we encountered Mairmaid twice within 24 hours crossing each others paths within 1 nautical miles each time - in an ocean this size - wow!. The game is afoot (or rather a trench foot judging by the water crashing into our cockpit).
P.P.S in other news - Malene has opened her Yachting Salon for (ir-)regular haircuts. Operating hours are 1700 to 2000. Check-in with our receptionist to book a slot.
Skye Blue Crew Ross the Shipwright