Skye Blue Christmas Cheer

Skye Blue sailing
Stephen and Malene
Mon 5 Dec 2022 15:20
Well as you will know doubt be aware the festive season is upon us - well it is here! The saloon on Skye Blue has taken on the guise of Santa's grotto!
It is now  time to put such trivia as 'no wind to finish the ARC' behind you and concentrate on more pressing issues such as what theme you are considering for your Christmas tree this year. You can rest in peace. All such troubles are now behind you thanks to the craft skills of the crew of Skye Blue.
After considerable coaching from the Danish contingent - well not Baldrick - the crew's well hidden craft skills were coaxed to the surface (well somewhere near the surface in a number of cases) to produce a selection of tree decorations for your delectation and delight! (See attached photo) These remarkable products will grace even the scabbiest of festive sticks and are available for sale at the remarkable, inconceivably cheap price of: Not one.........not two.........but three for the cost of a rum punch!!!!
They will be available on the pontoon the second we tie up so arrive early to avoid disappointment (please form an orderly queue).
Yesterday was a pleasant day on Skye Blue. We had the festive activities in the afternoon. This was followed in the evening by the continuation of a la carte dining in the form of 'anything that needed finishing in the fridge' with lemons and garlic. Delicious whatever it was! Finally we wrapped up the evening being serenaded by Baldrick on the guitar and a few tales of people's vasectomies.
A fine day!
Aye yours,
On behalf of Skye Blue Team+