It's a wonderful world.....

Skye Blue sailing
Stephen and Malene
Wed 7 Dec 2022 12:44
We're still at sea and heading in the right direction with hot sunshine days, cooler nights and without too many squalls.
So far we've seen and had a few visitors to Skye Blue including:
Dolphins, at least 3 different types, according to the Skipper (big, medium and small!!); Shoals/flights of flying fish - one landed on Malene's lap during a gybe in the middle of the night; a 3 foot turtle happily bobbing along; golden Dorado, two caught and eaten; and Saragossa (sea)weed in beautiful big chains and islands which must have been released by the dorado in defence of us fishing and getting our still elusive, fish pie!
At 800 miles offshore a beautiful white Egrit circled us many times but didn't land; a single Boobie successfully dived and caught fish; several Petrel swooped around (but we've not seen a shag for a while!); and yesterday, two pairs of swallows in need of a rest.  One managed to land high up on the spreaders and its partner took many attempts to join it.  The two others were more relaxed and sat on the railing for a chat.
The moon has appeared, from crescent to full, rising at dinner time and setting before breakfast. This morning we watched the full orange moon set, while over our shoulder the sky was pink and the sun was rising.  There is something very special seeing both the full moon and the sun rising and setting in 24 hours.
We are motoring again but should be less that 300 miles from St Lucia at dinner tonight (vegetarian enchiladas) and hope to have more wind (hopefully not self generated from the enchiladas) to take us to land by Saturday...
Writing this blog was delayed somewhat (i nearly fainted) as Baldrick arrived on deck for his morning shift, serving coffee - in his underwear... what a wonderful world!!!
Skye Blue crew Janet xx
14:50.5693N 55:25.4675W