From acceleration zone to champagne sailing

Tue 22 Nov 2022 17:04
Third day at sea and all is well. Leaving the marina was full of excitement with the crowds cheering and waving us good bye then we were off in big seas and sunshine.
We are 8: with skipper; Stephen, first mate; Malene, crew; Janet, Maja, Neil, Raymond, Ross and Ulrich (aka Baldrick). The crew are on a 2 man up rota of 3 hours on watch with 6 hours off.
We are currently sailing South in the sunshine with a nice breeze behind us. Sitting at a steady 7 knots now after surfing in a force 7 on the first night, with only a furled headsail! We are fixing things as we go along, including retying the foresail.
Food so far has been excellent with tons of fresh fruit to be eaten before it goes off. To date everyone has managed to keep it down.
370 miles done with around 2500 to go.
Skye Blue
24:12.9507N 19:29.4276W