Gustavia, St Barts

Ammonite's Web Diary
Kaj Liljebladh
Wed 8 Jun 2011 11:30
17:53.889N 62:51.011W
The former Swedish Island did welcome us with rain and wind. After 3 hours we could finally go in to the harbour and dock.
Before that we had tried to anchor, but it was very wind and not so much space, to get a good mooring, so I decided to go in to the harbour, after accept from the Dockmaster. But he did change his mind when it starts to blow in to the harbour. We had to go out. We did pick up a boy, but the line was to thin so I decided to anchored instead. All this was happened during a very heavy rain and Mats was totally wet and believed I was either crazy or was joking with him.