Position 18:17.16N 65:38.07W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Tue 4 Jan 2011 21:14
27th December - Puerto Del Rey
Probably the largest marina in the Caribbean and certainly the largest travel lift Freewheel has
ever been in. We had used this marina earlier in the year as a base to explore Puerto Rico and
because it is so well appointed we decided it was the best place to lift Freewheel so that we
could change the prop and send the Maxprop back to PYI for some TLC - it is nearly 17 years old
and has had 80,000 nm of sea passed it....
We also fitted the new Furuno radar - the old one having finally expired a month ago. Re running
the cable was a struggle for the installers but it is all back and working now although then the Icom
VHF wouldn't fire up when reconnected so is away for repair - the boat is haunted!
120 ton Travel Lift !