Position 18:07.91N 65::18.46W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sun 2 Jan 2011 22:18
Christmas Day - Vieques, Spanish Virgin Islands
We had hoped to be back with our family for Christmas but nothing with 'Freewheel' is
working out as planned so here we are in a totally deserted sandy bay on our own!!
Whilst snow lay all around at home we were actually snorkelling on the reef and
outlying island Christmas morning and would have loved to explore ashore but the
many, very large signs forbidding us access due to unexploded munitions intimidated
us. 75% of this lovely island used to be used by the USAF for practice bombing and
we found parts of bombs in the water whilst snorkelling - whether still 'live' or not
it was hard to tell - but it made a change from fish and shipwrecks!
Bahia Salina Del Sur
Billy the Kid in Espananza - our final desination Christmas afternoon