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Julian & Anne Whitlock
Wed 17 Dec 2008 09:57
La Gomera 17.12.2008
Manyana, manyana etc etc. As much as we love la Gomera we should have been on our way at least two
days ago but one thing we had to do here was refill our nearly empty gas cylinder. They have a refill station
here which we have used before and that offers a (normally) excellent service to the yachtsman who gather
here before they set off across the Atlantic. This time they are making a new improvement to the plant
which means that we will have to wait until tomorrow to get our tank refilled. Well in true 'Faulty Towers'
tradition that tomorrow has now been a week and 'Manuel' is still smiling and saying 'manyana'....  
The winter weather is also effecting here so the opportunities for doing some of the splendid hikes in
the mountains is curtailed. On one of the slightly better days we did set off to do a hike from one of the peaks
only to find it being whipped by 60 knot winds and driving cloud and rain. Fearing that the car could be blown
off the ridge, let alone us on a steep mountain track, we drove a little further down and managed to pick up the
walk where the weather was better. As we descended on our hike the weather continued to improve and we
were treated to some spectacular rainbows. The walk eventually dropped to the shore at Playa Santiago where
we sat to drink a cool beer overlooking the fishing harbour in warm sunshine! Now we have to make a decision
on how to jury rig an alternative gas cylinder (camping gas?) or risk still being stuck here at Christmas....