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Julian & Anne Whitlock
Thu 23 Apr 2009 22:58
Montserrat 19-21st April
Despite concerns about the Little Bay anchorage being untenable be were able to spend a couple
of nights there in reasonable comfort - and get ashore to tour round quite easily. Since the major
eruption in 1997 over half the island has been in an exclusion zone, considered too vulnerable to
further volcanic activity for habitation. It's not possible to visit Plymouth, the old capital, which is
still buried beneath mud flows but we went to the Belham valley where the golf course now lies
below 30ft of volcanic debris. Spectacular houses which were once Monteserrat's Millionaires Row
now lie empty, or half submerged. The Volcano Observatory showed an aweinspiring video about
the continuing series of eruptions but the volcano itself was shrouded (as nearly always) in cloud.
After spending an excellent time with Pete and Penny from InnforaPenny - including teaching them
Canasta (we'll need to meet up again to give the girls a chance to win!) we've returned to Antigua
as an engine mount has been found to have sheered in the prop fiasco.
La Soufriere,shrouded by cloud as well as Anne & Penny              Now a less desirable golf course property ...