Position 17:38.38N 63:15.38W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sat 27 Mar 2010 21:42
26 - 27th Mar 2010   SABA
We were enchanted by this small island on our last visit - so different to the rest of the Caribbean
13 sq miles of volcano with steep slopes of thick vegetation, fairy tale villages on tortuous steep
roads with every twist providing a new vista of glorious sea views to neighbouring islands.
The old stepped tracks which were the only links between the settlements before the relatively recent
building of the roads are now a serious of breath taking trails. We followed one from Hell's Gate to
The Bottom (why  the interesting settlement names are English on this Dutch island we don't know)
as it wound its way round Mount Scenery with spectacular views at every turn.
             Minute airport on only flat land on Saba                                 Diamond Rock a spectacular dive site