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Julian & Anne Whitlock
Wed 14 Apr 2010 13:44
9 -14th April 2010  St Lucia
We bleweinto St Lucia from Martinique on a full gale and with rain for next three days 
(there have been drought conditions since Christmas so the locals were delighted)
we did not know that Ian and Elaine would be too pleased when they flew in on Sunday.
Things much brighter now however and we are off to St Vincent now on a fine breezy day.
Ian and Elaine - atop Signal
Point on the old fort of Pidgeon
Island which overlooks Rodney Bay.
After all the rain, we ignored the
yellow caution tape to climb to the
top when it said it was closed because
of the danger of fire.
We were roundly told off by the Nattonal
Park guide when we (and, to be fair, 1/2
dozen others) came back down, but
she happily chatted when we made our
The lovely anchorage under the
Pitons (old volcanic plugs) on
the west coast of St Lucia - lovely
snorkelling and a sunny, sandy
beach with rum punch for Elaine