Position 12:38.03N 61:23.87W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Fri 13 Feb 2009 21:48
Having both got rid of our colds we celebrated by getting off early to hike around Chatham Bay and explore
the interior of Union Island. Marvelous hike though very hot climbing up to the top of the island. Sue missed
out on the hundreds of lizards that appeared from everywhere in all different sizes and colours. Also found
some unusual birds we couldn't identify plus some humming birds on the profusion of tropical flowers that
are present at the moment courtesy of the recent rains.
The part of the island we explored had a few large houses set in landscaped gardens and one farm with a
beautiful lilly pond set in its grounds and a grazing area right on the top of the hill where they kept their cattle,
sheep and goats.
Today we did the short trip across from Union Island to Saline Bay, Mayreau. Had a superb snorkel before
we left waiting for the wind to moderate.
As that never happened we ended up sailing it in two beats with a 30kt NE wind which has since
dropped down to a more normal 20kt breeze and the sea now looks more Caribbean than North Atlantic!
We were last in Mayreau 4 years ago for my birthday. The weather chose that auspicious day to pour
with rain without a break - must be something special about us! Whilst sheltering on Freewheel we noticied
a lot of activity on the jetty and on going to investigate discovered that they were just about to welcome back the
newly crowned Miss West Indies - a local girl - quite an achievement for an island of about 300 people!
For a change this Caribbean cruise we had a baking hot day so Anne decided perfect conditions for climbing
up to the village (500') and down to the other bay (-500') just to get a rum punch. Well the rum punch was
so powerful we needed a litre of water chaser before we attempted the return...
We may also have discovered a future Miss West Indies - Jamacy - an 18 month old charmer with whom
Anne started to practice her doting granny routine.
               Overlooking Chatham Bay
          The Northern Anchorage of Mayreau