Position 18:17.72N 65:17.02W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sun 28 Feb 2010 14:37
28th Feb 2010 Isla de Culebra
Good to be away from the marina and out in the smaller Spanish Virgin Islands - still part of Puerto Rico.
   We reached the top of El Yunque Rain Forest Nat Park          Colourful streets of Old San Juan - a lovely old conclave
  in the cloud which luckily cleared just occasionally for us         surprisingly atmospheric despite the many cruise ships
  to see both Atlantic and Caribbean 3500ft below                        docking each week.
  Aricibo Radio telescope - the largest in the world     La Mena Falls. El Yunque, Anne is under there
  difficult to appreciate the scale, but the dish is 20     (as usual) - the ultimate power shower
  acres in area, set in a 400ft sink hole