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Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sat 16 May 2009 16:29
St Maarten  11-15th May
Certainly not our favaourite island, but the centre for much yacht maintenance and repair is firmly
sited in the mucky waters of Simpson Bay Lagoon and that is where FKG Rigging most efficiently
replaced the shrouds - at last!
We hired a car to explore the island on Ian and Elaine's last day with us - braving the horrendous
traffic jams around the lagoon, we did at last scramble our way to the top of Pic du Paradis where
the gorgeous views belie the overdevelopment below. Lunch in a "tourist trap" beach restaurant
gave us some fascinatinng people-watching time before we drove back via Philipsburg, confirming
it to be the cruiseship shoppers trap it had seemed when we checked in there on Sunday.
(When it was all shut)
The lagoon area allowed a chandlery "fix"  and our first visit to the cinema in many months - we
much recommend the new Star Trek! - before our departure for BVI's in pouring rain early Friday am.
   Marigot Bay looks great from Pic de Paradis!      Elaine's favourite reading spot,on deck in the sun