Malta tomorrow 36:03.80N 17:10.30E

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Tue 9 Sep 2008 19:00
130nm to Malta
20.00    09.09.08
A frustrating motor sail in light airs was finally broken early today with the wind
veering and lifting allowing us to stop the engine and sail at a fast pace. As a result
our ETA  for Malta, if the wind holds, is mid morning of the 10th. We had considered
going straight past Malta and on to Sardinia but having caught up time since leaving Ios we
can now look forward to seeing Valletta again! We already have discovered spares
for the boat we need and having had our email computer blow up without warning we
will see if we can get this fixed or at least the hard drive transferred to a new one whilst
there. We loved our visit to Malta at the start of our first circumnavigation - the people
we met could not have been friendlier or more helpful so would have been sorry to
have had to pass it by....