Position 17:07.59N 61:53.36W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sun 26 Apr 2009 23:33
Sunday 26th April St Johns, Antigua
Replacement engine mount now in place we are at last free to leave Jolly Harbour and
intend cruising the quiet anchorages north of Antigua before returning to English
Harbour to collect Ian and Elaine next Thurs.
First stop, the capital St Johns - the only place on the island where the ATM will
accept our bank card! It's possible to anchor just next to the centre - an atractive area
where the old buildings have been renovated, largely to serve the cruise ships which
visit regularly. It being Sunday, all shops were shuttered and the only activity a big
party of friendly young Antiguans joining a "pirate" ship for an afternoon on the water.
We left the rather smelly anchorage for the lovely beach at Deep Bay - only to be
followed by the "pirates" which made the usually peaceful bay rowdy for a time, but
with the evening peace has returned.
     St John's waterfront with pirate ship which followed us to the peace of sandy Deep Bay
 Downtown St John's  -  the tourist side and the less solubrious, presumably you can use the area deliberately?