Stop just as we start! 36:32.41N 26:20.79E

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Fri 5 Sep 2008 17:08
Unexpected hiccup - a day in Astipalala
Yesterday's arrival of the engineer delivering our spare alternator unfortunately lead to a terrible smell
 emanating from the engine room and his embarrassed departure to fix the problem, so it was 17.00
before we said goodbye to Turgutreis and the friendly sailors for the last time (for a few years at least!)
 and sailed into the sunset.
The late departure meant we didn't want to go straight into an overnight passage so we dropped anchor
 under the shadow of the Hora in Astipalala about midnight. The new Turkish design anchor held first
time - Murat told us it would! - and we had a snug night while 35+k blew overhead.
We left Turkey with many good wishes, but unfortunately ( and first time in the Med) also with a vicious
bout of food poisoning for both of us. Luckily it didn't hit us until we were at anchor, but we decided to
spend the day here rather than battle the lively conditions - a day on flat tonic water will help the diet
no end anyway!
                                        Ancient castle atop the Hora at Astipalala