Portugal 37:05.03N 08:15.87W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Mon 6 Oct 2008 14:13
Ongoing problems with Furuno plotter and worries over world financial crisis
meant that we have changed our plans and are flying back to the UK early.
We have therefore diverted to Portugal and arrived in the very secure marina
of Albufeira on the 2nd where we intend leaving 'Freewheel' for the next
6 weeks.
One unplanned opportunity that presented itself was the chance to catch up
 with Mike & Kate (S/Y Cutting Edge) who have recently moved to Portugal.
Having checked where they live and hired a car we went up to stay with them
for a couple of days. Their home was beautiful with a view to die for
overlooking the Serra de Lousa mountains and from the extensive grounds
of their villa you can walk straight into open access woodland that seems to
stretch forever in all directions. We went for a short walk with them and Duno
plus their two Mainecune (sp?) cats, Penny and Parker.
I don't think I know of any other cats who think they are dogs and are very
happy to walk with thier owners for a couple of miles through pine forests!
We also visited a famous local restaurant specialising in local dishes in a superb
beauty spot, where we dined on kid and wild boar - lovely and many thanks to
you both for a wonderful visit.