Position 16:51.64N 28:01.35W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sat 3 Jan 2009 11:15
End of Day One - 173nm down, 1849nm to go
We left Mindelo yesterday morning, manoeuvring out of the marina between 40k gusts, but were
soon making 9k down the channel. As we left sight of land we lost all wind - certainly not what
the grib files predicted, but yet another local effect of the strange weather encountered around
the Cape Verdes.
However, it soon picked up again and we now have a consistent 30k on our beam and so are making
good progress despite rough seas. The seas certainly added to the difficulty of landing the 1.2m
wahoo, which broke the bracket for the fishing rod. No more fishing for this crossing - but since
it gave us enough for 10 meals now stored in the freezer that's not necessary anyway!
                         About to begin the lengthy job of filleting!