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Julian & Anne Whitlock
Fri 23 Apr 2010 22:56
11th -23rd April 2010  St Vincent and the Grenadines
It seems that having friends onboard is not conducive to keeping the wider world updated with our
movements However, we've spent a most enjoyable fortnight with Ian and Elaine in which we have
thoroughly explored the lovely islands of the Grenadines before returning to St Vincent for the last
few days..Despite some incredible tropical storms - one Sunday afternoon was spent "below" playing
estimation whist - there was enough sun to give Ian heat stroke for a couple of days and ensure that
Elaine went home brown!
This very ancient jeep provided
transport around Bequia,
We visited the turtle sanctuary
on the windward coast and also
saw what seemed like half the
male population engaged in processing
the whale they had caught the day before.
The killing of 2 whales a year - as long as
it is done from traditional fishing boats -
is approved.
Quite a contrast in attitude towards wildlife.
Boom Boom took us on a tour of
Mustique after an excellent lunch
at Basils Bar.
We saw the fantastic houses of the
rich and famous and admired the
manicured lawns and well kept roads
(a marked  contrast to other Caribbean
islands) but decided not to stay as they
wanted to charge us $100 for the privilege
of rolling all night on one of their buoys.
One of the weird and wonderful
products of the Botanical Gardens
in Kingstown - the oldest
established in the western world.
An oasis of calm in a bustling and
totally untouristified capital city of
St Vincent.
Looking for parrots....
We hiked the Vermont Nature trail,
right up in the mountainous
interior of St Vincent and were
rewarded by the magnificent sight
of several of the endangered St
Vincent Parrot the sun reflecting
from their magnificent golden russet
plumage. One even settled conveniently
on a dead tree so that we could admire
him although unfortunately not close
enough to pass on his picture!