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Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sun 28 Mar 2010 20:59
27 -28th March 2010  St Eustatius (Statia)
Another new island to us - we'd passed by, rather put off by the huge oil terminal which occupies
much of the north of the island. In fact the old town of  Oranjestad is fascinating, set on the top of 100ft
cliff, with the bay side itself a mass of ruins of warehouses and quays dating from its former glory as a
bustling port. Apparently the island proved infertile and difficult to farm so any efforts in agriculture
were abandoned early on in favour of becoming the "free trade" centre of the Caribbean throughout
the 17 -18 th centuries.  The island's most famous moment came in 1776 when, at a time great profits were
being made running arms and supplies to the troops of George Washington's revolutionary army, the
fort returned the salute of the American ship Andrew Doria, thus becoming the first country to acknowledge
the newly formed United Sates of American. A plaque donated by the Daughters of the Revolution.
Today the town  has a real old-fashioned charm, and a lovely set well preserved old buildings.
The old Dutch fort overlooking anchorage                    The Old Gin House is now a smart hotel by the shore