Position 12:36.10N 61:27.10W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sat 13 Nov 2010 00:37
Chatham Bay - Union Island - 6th November
Sorry to say goodbye to our friends in Grenada and not yet into relaxed cruising mode. With
our long term sailing plans on hold and therefore trying to sell 'Freewheel', as we haven't the
opportunity of using her, we feel in limbo. However arriving at one of our favourite anchorages
after a superb sail did lift our spirits. Early the next morning, when we returning from a snorkel
around the bay, we were approached by a couple of locals who ran a beach cafe. They remembered
us from when we were taking Freewheel down to Grenada to lay up. Then we were short of time
so couldn't try out their menu - this occasion we did and it was delicious. We were their only
customers as the season has not started yet but they were delighted we came anyway as it was
the 2nd anniversary of their opening.
Early morning walk on the deserted beach at Chatham Bay....