Position 28:27.98N 16:14.66W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Fri 12 Dec 2008 15:36
Arrived Tenerife 20.30hrs 05-12-2008
Best laid plans and all that! Arrived safely at Marina Atlantico where we had spent some
considerable time on our first circumnavigation. The pontoons looked very familiar but the
offices and toilet facilities had been greatly improved. We went for a stroll the evening we
arrived and saw further improvements they have made to the center of Santa Cruz - it really
is very attractive now apart from the sight of so many drunks - a problem we had also
experienced in Maderia. Drink is very cheap in these islands but it cannot be the only
reason that there are so many drop outs...
We were congratulating ourself on our timing - having arrived on Friday evening it meant
we could do our chandlery shopping on Saturday and move onto La Gomera on Sunday.
Manyana - it transpired that the Canary Islands were enjoying a 3 day holiday which meant
that all shops were shut until Tuesday...
As a result we decided to hire a car and do some hiking in the mountains. The winter weather
means that there is a lot of rain at the higher altitudes but we still enjoyed the walks and were
grateful for the exercise. Driving is less relaxed as all the locals seem quite mad - possibly due
to the excessive traffic coupled with extremely long delays between traffic light changes causing 
frustration? Finally left for La Gomera on Wednesday!
Arrival in Tenerife at Sunset
Hiking in the mountains