Position 17:03.96N 61:53.06W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Mon 22 Nov 2010 15:18
Jolly Harbour - Antigua - 18-23rd November
Not certain as to what weather conditions are happening out in the Atlantic off the Caribbean
but the seas that are running are extremely rough. We set off for the 50nm trip up to Antigua
from Des Haies in gusty winds and rain squalls but once we cleared the tip of the island it
turned extremely unpleasant and although the winds never exceeded 40 kts we were given
one of the toughest days sails we can remember. Half way across we suddenly lost the
Raymarine wind indicator and assumed that the heavy seas rolling across the deck had
shorted out the wiring. When we finally got into more sheltered waters off Antigua and
examined the problem we found that the mast head unit had been blown off the mast!!
We obviously had some maintenance work to do so came into the marina and to compound
the injury of losing an expensive mast head unit we will have to replace we then had our
digital camera and Rayban glasses stolen. Not a good couple of days....