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Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sun 10 May 2009 02:06
St Barts - 6 - 9th May 2009
Arrived in the dark after a slightly turbulent passage from Barbuda. Force 10
gusts and a heavy sea.  Our  original plan to moor  in the outer harbour of
Gustavia was thwarted as there were no moorings left so we carried on
northwards to Anse de Grand Columbier where we dropped anchor.  Very
crowded so in the morning we moved back to Gustavia and having moored,
went to look at the town and to stock up.  A very pretty town with the original
buildings, many in the Swedish style, having been well cared for.  Interesting
architectural style of shiplap and wooden shingled or corrugated metal roofs. 
Had a meal in La Route des Boucaniers on the waterside then walked around
and saw the castle ( Fort Oscar ) and the shopping areas. 
We hired a car and moved to a different berth in the north of the bay.  Next day
we drove around the island stopping to watch the astonishing flying feat necessary
to land at the airport over a gap in the hill-side onto a downwards sloping landing
strip.  No obvious signs of wreckage but only the brave would dare to
land on St. Barthelemy.   Many picturesque properties overlooking the
sea with tortuous access on the narrow concrete roads.  Looking down
from the cliff tops onto the bays it is a very attractive island. The main
road across the island was closed so, following a detour, we arrived in
the Anse de Grand Saline where, following a drink we sat on the beach
and read. Back to the Grain de Sel restaurant where we had an excellent
lunch and watched humming birds in the flowers.   Driving back to
Gustavia we did some more shopping and divided our resources to
visit the wonderful shell museum at Corossol and to take more photos
of the planes landing. Following a night in Gustavia we moved back to
the bay of Anse de Grand Columbier where we had a lazy day reading
and sitting on the beach.  There was some interesting reef life with a
family of rays and others but the high point came when a turtle was
sighted and he and several others entertained us with regular trips to
the surface.   After an embarassing display by Ian of how
not to launch a dingy into a perfectly flat calm sea, Anne rescued Elaine
from the beach.  A pleasant walk over the cliffs towards Baie des Anges,
rich with wildlife as great white hunter Anne spotted snakes and a pretty
orange-hoofed tortoise in quick succession.   The tortoise was fed and
photographed before it could effect an escape.   Our efforts were rewarded
by more beautiful coastal sights and  a beer in a local resort before a
susnset walk back, dinner and a few games of Bridge.
      F10 in the Caribbean - what fun...           Landing at St Barts - even more fun...
          Tortoises on the land....                              and Turtles in the water.....