Position 12:07.10N 61:37.76W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Mon 9 Feb 2009 21:58
PSV (Petit St Vincent)
After a peaceful day spent at Sandy Island we went into Hillsborough - capital of Carriacou - today
to check out of Grenada. We are allowed one extra day to visit Petite Martinique (the last and smallest
of Grenada's island group) before we check into the Grenadines tomorrow. However, the anchorage
of PSV (the southernmost of the Grenadines) is calmer so we are anchored there and popped back
to Petite Martinique in the tender for a wander ashore and an excellent lambi (conch) curry lunch.
               Downtown Hillsborough in Independence Colours
                              Boatbuilding on Petite Martinique