Arrived! 36:08.10N 05:21.40E

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sun 28 Sep 2008 20:58
Gibraltar 26th Sept.
The last days sail to Gibraltar was once again largely a motor with only light following winds
until a few miles from the 'Rock' when a brisk 25kt breeze blew up. Perfect for manoevering!
We picked up a couple of stowaways on the trip, not as unusual as you might think, and saw
a multitude of dolphins and porpoises. For some reason they always appear in large numbers
as you approach Gibraltar - on vacation from the Atlantic perhaps?
The brisk breeze as we arrived heralded massive thunderstorms and two days of torrential
rain. On Saturday morning Gibraltar was without electricity and the service was not resumed
until after lunch. Most shops appear to manage with emergency lighting or generators. Interesting
to see one barber's where they were having to try and cut the customers hair in the doorway to
get sufficient light!
A number of repairs to try and achieve whilst we are here so will probably not set off for the
Canaries or Maderia until midweek which with the current dismal weather is likely to be a
sensible idea anyway.
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