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Julian & Anne Whitlock
Tue 5 May 2009 01:53
Barbuda - May Day 3rd May 2009
We took the tender ashore to arrange for a water taxi ride across the lagoon to the Frigate Bird
nesting sanctuary and then on to Codrington.  A stretch of silver sand as far as the eye could see to North
and South with only four other boats moored in the bay.  Speed boat into the wind northwards so a rather
wet journey.  The immature Frigate Birds were amazing on their smelly flat nesting platforms, with
occasional adult arrivals full of fish to feed their offspring.   Codrington was an interesting town where, with
very friendly guidance from 'Goldilocks' our water taxi driver who knew all of the 1500 inhabitants of
Barbuda, we were put in touch with Anne-Marie, a friend of relatives in the UK.   She took us round the
island and to a small beach-side bar where food and beer helped to integrate us into the island life.  Back
to the lagoon via a supermarket which was still open despite the bank holiday then back to Freewheel. 
11 Mile Beach - probably one of the best in the Caribbean!
Anne-Marie who very kindly showed us around