Position 18:43.15N 64:22.85W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Sat 27 Mar 2010 00:51
24 - 25 Mar 2010  Anagada, British Virgin Islands
Anagada is the one island we hadn't been to on our previous visits to the BVIs, but we had ideal
conditions this time so set off to visit this fabled, away-from-it-all paradise.
The deserted image was slightly tarnished by 40 other yachts in the anchorage and high-speed
charter catamarans speeding past us in the tight entrance through the reefs whilst we held our breath
with 0.1m registering below the kee, but the beaches are superb.. 
It is a stony, flat island with much dry prickly vegetation, but very little indication of what supports
the 250 population - other than much lobster catching and government service (the grandest buildings
were in the new complex holding the police and fire stations and the post office.)
The picture is not of the pristine beaches - there've been lots of those on our travals - but the
bizarre sight of a huge artificial Christmas tree, permanently mounteded on the roundabout
which seemed totally out of place anyway since one road was a dead end and in any case a
maximum of one vehicle in 5 minutes passes this, the only junction on the island.