Position 14:05.30N 60:57.70W

Julian & Anne Whitlock
Mon 15 Nov 2010 12:33
St Lucia 11th November
Fates tease you.. We are taking Freewheel up to Puerto Rico to leave with the broker in an
attempt to sell her so why do we get such superb sailing conditions to make us regret our
decision? From the moment we set the sails on leaving Bequia Freewheel stomped off
at a steady 8 to 9 knots and for the next 70nm we hardly touched a sheet - she just
flew as if on rails... We made such good time that we diverted into the Pitons where
we picked up a buoy and went for a snorkel around the south side of the bay. Despite
the havoc and deaths here caused by hurricane 'Tomas' the Pitons looked unchanged.
When we continued our sail up to Rodney Bay we did see evidence of land slips on
the mountains and it was these that caused the fatalaties.
We arrived in Rodney Bay in the dark and as this bay is usually extremely busy went
very slowly in to find a place to drop our anchor. Why can't we see any anchor lights?
Where are all the boats? Is there another hurricane due and eveyone is taking shelter?
We did drop our anchor under the fort on Pigeon Island but could only find three other
yachts in this area. In the morning we could see a few more on the far side of this massive
bay but no explanation as to why there are so few - we would have expected at least
50 boats at anchor here...
      Flying up to the Pitons after another superb sail