Sunday Services

Sun 9 May 2010 17:51
30:26N 59:56W
Wind South F4
Speed 5.3 kts
Full Sail
Distance to Horta 1614 Nautical Miles
Sunday Services : Catholic 10h00 Forward Deck, Church of Ireland 11h00 Aft Cabin.
Conversions weill be held after 11am services.
Checking stores of diesel, food water and underpants today. All seems OK.
Spotted a pod of whales blowing off the starboard bow this morning, many flying fish today also.
We have mislaid the clothes-peg.
Eating well. Flanno's in the lab concocting a desert for tonight as its Sunday. Above deck we await a minor implosion. Surprisingly little tuna being consumed. Our menus have included recently: Duck Cassoulet, Bruschetta, Chilli Beef and Crab and Clam Risotto.
We are also now baking our own bread daily and making our own meusli. Still have some pineapples, apples, grapefruits, tomatoes and oranges but the melons are gone. We miss the melons.
Flannos been doing his sit ups on the bow again this morning, heeling the boat with effort.
Cerys is nicely tuned and generating an excess of power as we tow our water generator. We have good southerlies now and hope to hold onto them for the next few days.
So we have passed the one week mark and are still talking both to one another and to ourselves, although the latter seems to be taking a firm grip. During the day we often get as far away from eachother as possible, spread to or rotating corners. Gathering for lunch and then for a pre dinner chat often around topics such as Steve Silverment and 4711 ".......the coolness that feels like champaign on your skin (oh)". We are unsure about that "oh" which has caused a slight rift among the crew. We will check that online at Azores.
Joey has scrubbed the deck for excercise and, I, the cabin floor for entertainment.
Amazing to be someplace on earth where there have only been the four of us, some flying fish and a couple of storm petrels in a week. I did a 24 mile radar scan before retiring last night to see oif there was anything else out there. Happy to see that we are all alone.