Sun 19 Oct 2008 10:55

There’s only one thing clear in my head this morning: Its not 09h15.


That’s the time indicated on the clock and I know we have changed zones entering Portugal. Is it 08h15 or 10h15? Should I put on the kettle or go back to bed? Not as bad as the day we lost in Kinsale, we rang the cinema to complain that online tickets were not available for same day purchase. The site automatically defaulted to our tomorrow. Luckily I got held up in Kinsale and couldn’t get into Cork to do banking. It was Saturday.


Willie is coming to join us in Porto on Tuesday. I got a little over excited on hearing the news and was going to have a shower on Monday. Ursula thankfully pointed out that we would be out playing with Willie and it would be better to await his departure next Saturday to shower. Makes sense as Willie does play dirty.


Had a quick cycle around the town before leaving, many brightly tiled buildings and old fortifications not much else happening as it was Sunday. I paid the marina bill €7.50.


Ruaidhri Prendergast


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