Tue 4 May 2010 09:13
POS 22:41N 063:45W
Wind 20Kts East
1 Reef
Speed 7.4kts
Some kind of odd normality has returned to Cerys this morning. The sun shone on us for the first time this morning and Joey and I were able to take out thye second reef before we went off watch at 8am. The wind had died from 30 to 20.
All is now much more comfortable and we have left the confused seas behind us about 15 miles.
Flanno has been fishing and caught a small baracuda which we landed and returned.
Everybody is sleeping better and we have come off double four hour watches and on to single two hour. That will give us all more rest.
Cerys needs a bit of love and attantion today. She has been very good to us since we turned north and into the rougher weather off Anguilla. We have not been so good to her and she is damp and quite messy. Our Cutty Sark replica ship has left its post on the starboard shelf, it landed on the saloon table. I am now sleeping with it in my bunk where although it makes the night uncomfortable our mascott is safe.
So the love boat is back to normal and moving swiftly towards our destination. That could be Bermuda or the Azores. We will decide in the next day or so.