Time Theory

Mon 10 May 2010 17:11
31:05N 5726W
1489 N. Miles to waypoint Horta
Speed 7 kts
Course 076
Wind SW 4
Cruising Chute and Main
Far from the lab implosion expected after Flannos culinary experiments yesterday, he designed a fine meal of crepes. We all breathed a sigh of relief. This was a big divergence from the Sicilian influence which usually dominates his cuisine.
A sleepy start to the day today, typical Monday I suppose. Maybe I didnt sleep as well as usual. Wrapped tightly around my lee cloth as I would normally my wife, theres a real torrent of white water inches from my head at this speed.
We designed a new meusli at 7am too which we are calling "58 Degrees West"
Seemed like yesterday was iPod day with very little conversation. This gave Flanno some interesting theories on how to make the time go quicker.
Firstly he has suggested washing only bevery two days thus fooling your bodies into thinking that only one day has passed.
Second he has suggested talking every second day, thus not using up either our topics, or patience with eachother. We are to spend the intermediary day thinking of things to talk about.
We had menacing looking thunder clouds and rain showers to the west and south of us last night and were prepared for a good soking and light show but thankfully all passed off to the north west and left us dry. Winds during the night were 20 kts on the beam so we had a great fast run.
It died off this morning so we had a swim while becalmed. The water is quite cool here and with each two in the water we had two lookouts for Portuguese Men of War as we are still seeing dozens each day. Their tenticles are many metres long and quite tough. We had difficulty cutting some of the generator with a sharp knife.
Tonight we have real phosphorescent explosions coming from under the hull and its a good starry night. We are generating too much electrical power and are dumping some as we go.
At sea around now for a week
Our arses numb from the teak
the water is drank
the food has turned rank
But thank god that we dont have a leak