Cerys Rules broken

Sun 30 May 2010 11:04
38:36N 12:10W
Speed 7.2
Wind NE F5
128 N Miles to Lisbon
Flattest day today. No wind at all.
1950 Engine off after 125 hours - what a relief.
2100 Engine back on. Baro. still rising  - 1028
Rigging is taking a bit of a hammering this trip. Many repairs and replacements will be needed in Lisbon.
Tonight we have a mis shapen and large orange moon breaking the horizon. The higher it goes the more silver it gets.
We have broken some of Cerys' rules this evening. As it is our last Saturday at sea after almost a month we accompanied our game of dice with 2 beers each. Cerys didn't seem to mind.
On this course and speed we should reach our waypoint off the Portugal coast at 0600 Monday. From there we will make our way into Cascais and await the tidal flow to take us up the estuary into the centre of Lisbon. At Cascais we will have returned almost exactly to the point where we left Europe 2 years ago.
Motoring is hard on the library. I am going through one book a day. If we dont get sails up soon there could be a literary famine.