Incredible Hulk

Mon 1 Dec 2008 15:44

Position: 18:07.550N 19:24.122W


Almost 100% cloud yesterday all day. We had one pocket of perfectly round blue sky to the NE of us which looked odd and we almost expected the Monty Python Boot to descend out of it and stamp on us.


The sea temperature has now reached 25.3 and the flying fish are becoming more prolific. Jeanot was attacked last night by a shoal or a flock and only the sprayhood saved him. I didn’t see any during the night but maybe my nightwatch attire of long johns life jacket and a lead scared them off. I am missing shooting season at home but Jeanot and I both agree that flying fish hunting could yet take off.


The wind has died on us here and there is an area of low pressure ahead affecting the normal trade winds, we had hoped it would have moved northhwards before we arrived but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It has however given us a chance to take down the furling gear and have a look to see whats wrong. This has been worrying me but I have to laugh when it makes me think of Tony and Michael on Blue Tarn. Their furling system broke as they arrived in Las Palmas just behind us. Michael explained to me how Tony on the helm kept doing 360 degree turns while Michael stood on the bow trying to furl the genoa around the forestay. Each time Blue Tarn went through the wind Michael got whipped by the sheets and the ever increasing knot. I cant help but think that Tony may have got some enjoyment from this. Maybe Michael did too.


Diagnosis of our furling problem did not take long. We had assumed it was the lower drum but in fact it is the halyard end that’s the problem. The bearings seem to be worn. Opened and greased it and will relieve the tension on the halyard when furling in future. This should help alleviate the symptoms for the moment. The problem however requires the kind of medical attention we cannot offer at sea.


I don’t know whether the time passes quickly or slowly here. It’s the same sea around us always and time really doesn’t matter. Tom went to take a book from the bookshelf yesterday and when it refused to come out easily he gave up saying “I can get it next week”


All our green tomatoes are now a bright red and are delicious. The crop of bananas we have under the spray hood were Incredible Hulk green a week ago and are slowly morphing into David Banner. I don’t think we would like them when they’re angry.


My SSB radio receiver installation has not gone so well and I think I may have damaged the unit.


We have made good headway west and will hit 30 degrees by tomorrow. We will adjust ships time again, and await the confusion that follows.


Tune in tomorrow.


Ruaidhri Ursula Jeanot and Tom