Halfway Marker

Thu 13 May 2010 15:14
32:51N 50:00W
Wind SE F5
Distance to Horta 1096 N. Miles
Full Sail
5.3 Kts
062 degrees True
Passed halfway mark last night at 2345 at 1150 miles to go.
Joey passed two more ships in the night. He's having all thye fun. I never see anything. Its bringing new meaning to the phrase "I think we should see other people".
I did see a large turtle yesterday, however, the unfortunate animal was attached to a piece of timber about the same size as its body by a length of fishing net. Under calmer circumstances I would have stopped but we have a big 4-5 metre swell running from the north west at the moment.
One man down tonight, minor illness, we can easily cover the shifts for a day or two if necessary but it really confirms the fact that we need a team of four aboard for a trip like this. Its like missing a link. The team is working extremely well. Its good to feel you can sleep confidently at night with trust in whoever is on watch.
They have also taken over tasks I would normally perform myself leaving me more time to concentrate on other things. Joey is taking care of provisions, and managing our three banks of batteries, making sure each is charged in rotation and that we dont drop below critical limits. He is also plotting our positions daily on the paper charts.
David monitors levels in the engine daily along with fan belt and other checks. He changed the impeller before departure and checks the  bilges daily for water.
Tom is looking after sails and rigging. Checking everything daily.
I notice everyone is wearing socks tonight. The sleeping bags have also come out. Temperature slipping continually as is time.
Might have to dip a little bit south of a depression just ahead of us if winds look too strong on forecast this afternoon.
Doing well on water, may even be able to have a shower some day. At the moment we are using baby wipes to stay clean and hand sanitiser in the heads. Sea is a little too rough for a bucket of saltwater on the bow.
At 30 degrees they turned west
In fairness they gave it their best
Pulled up in Azores
For Whiskey and Whores
Then went back to sea for a rest.