Thu 27 May 2010 12:11
37:58N 21:10W
6.7 Kts under Motor/Sail
554 N. Miles to Lisbon
Hazy and mild night tonight under full moon. It takes a while for the eyes to adjust to the change in visibility.
Long past the Azores now but still motoring, becoming monotonous - maybe thats what is making us sleep so much.
Passed a cargo vessel today at about 2 miles, Mersk Mississippi headed for New Jersey from Suez. The bridge called us up and we had a good and jolly chat, he gave us the latest weather. They are making 23 knots and are due in NJ in 4 days.
Still laughing tonight, on my own, at Joeys first scoot. As the rental guy was showing Joey how the scooter operated. Joe decided to take him by surprise and demonstrate how he was naturally gifted with mechanical modes of transport. He opens the throttle an heads straight for a wall at speed. Luckily wheelie bins and cardboard boxes cushioned the blow. It took a stunned rental agent some time to extricate the cardboard from around the spinning wheels. At the mere mention of this Tom goes into convulsions and cant be spoken to for an hour.
Relations are faring well with the stowaway mosquitos. A designated no fly zone has been agreed after lengthy negotiation. Our new friends are more than welcome in the zone but may only travel on foot, bicycle or taxi.
Six mosquitos boarded our ship
Biting the crew on the lip
they agreed not to bite us
on our sore dermititus
If we dropped them in Lisbon this trip