New Boots

Wed 19 May 2010 14:16
36:27N 34:23W
Speed 5.5
Sea 3 Metres
Wind NW F4
301 N Miles to Horta
2000 miles covered in 17 days at sea. We have been good boys and so are allowed a mini-shower today. A front moved over us with force 8 winds backing an veering all over the place. After wasting a lot of time and distance on the wheel trying to stay in front of it I hove to and Joe and I enjoyed a cup of tea in relative calm. The wind now northerly since.
We are seeing dolphins every day now, todays were White Sided Atlantic Dolphins and Flanno got some great "footage" despite my best efforts. Other wildlife, we still have lots of Portuguese men of war attached to the duogen and just now we had to pull in the fishing lure as it was being attacked by four Cory Shearwaters.
Barometre climbing
Wind dropping
Engine running
Crew sleeeping
Red Glowing
Distance closing
Steak waiting
Joey emarged this afternoon and perched himself high so we would all notice he was sporting new boots. Joey only wears the very latest trends and this footwear looks like it was designed by Aigle just as he was boarding the plane.
The shoe is in desert black mylar, tight to the ankle, shooting up gracefully to just below the knee in a matt velvet. Giving good shape, this toughened velvet, is still light enough to make out the shape of a toned calf muscle. They are clasped neatly derriere in a titanium broach. Feathery light and fairy nimble this particular model has a thrust system for stabilisation on a heaving bow. This suspension is operated by a small handheld remote with port and starboard sensors. We are awe struck by their shapely bueaty and they suit Joey extremely well in a Batman and Robin homosexual kind of way. They are embossed with his name in a golden thread. Fetching and proud, Joey glides to the foredeck in these velour wonders, wrapped now in bin liners as manufacturers instructions warn to keep them away from water and white flour.
Can be found at: Zara
Cost: $1999.95 (each) batteries not included
Not to be out done Flanno clambers to the cockpit in his new and delightfully attractive footwear. Leggier than Joeys models, these Dubarrys are in a rich butterscotch with goretex bands in dolphin grey. Bejewled around the calf, a flurry of starry reflections grace the cockpit.  Built by a Ballinasloe Bueaty these have been specially moulded for Davids feet, each the size of a small kayak, they offer an extremely stable work platform but do not fit in the saloon. A true sea boot, grip is maintained by thousands of flagellae grasping at the deck with each step, they are fully waterproof but carry a warning that they could disintegrate in heavy fog. Tiny led lamps help you find your feet when asleep or suffering a dead leg. These boots alow the wearer to amble jovially at an angle of 20 degrees which is helpfull when seasick.They are rechargeable and come with a 220V power supply and optional solar panels.
Can be found at: JD Flannery, Nenagh or Elverys Sports
Cost: $205.95 
Tom and I, one might think, fair poorly in our multi year nubuck and goretex. We have it on good authority, however, that this hail washed and storm weathered look will be all the rage at the Milan boat show next month.
Anyway we have better beards.