No Cars Go

Mon 31 May 2010 10:10
38:41N 09:24W
At Anchor

Feast or famine here, the rodeo’s back and a helmet and shin guards are required below.

Went from dead calm to 40 knots which we had for the last 24 hours. Just perfect weather for navigating the busy shipping lanes off the Portugal coast. Visibility dropped substantially and  made for an interesting night, we doubled up on watches. Got a few waves over the deck and into the cockpit. Lots of spray, heavy coats and a lot of damp clothes and beds. The radar paid for itself tonight.

Still its great to be sailing and a busy night passes very quickly.

Wind and seas died in 30 minutes as we closed on the coast at 0530 and the sun was rising over Lisbons suspension bridge. We have pulled in in Cascais to await the turning of the tide for the final run into Lisbon centre.

Joe has become a little carried away with pastry since he made his pie and everything now is covered in pastry. He has even patched a sail with it. He also spotted a yellow submarine two days ago so its just as well we are getting into port today.

Motoring up the estuary towards the suspension bridge which we will pass under in 20 minutes and then into the marina. Arcade Fire, no cars go, on the stereo, loud. Certainly no cars went where we did.

Will get some photos of the trip up in a few days.