If You Can't Stand The Heat.......

Wed 12 May 2010 14:42
32:22N 52:15W
Wind N F 4
Speed 5 kts
Distance to Horta 1213 N. Miles
Foul weather gear donned at dusk. We had been expecting a wind shift from SW to N but we didnt expect it to happen in under 3 seconds.
A squall appeared out of nowhere. the sea turned from blue to dark grey and the wind speed shot up from 15 to 38 kts. It possibly went higher but we hadn't time to look. We were under full sail and as Cerys heeled violently we steered to windward to take the pressure off, only to find another 180 degree shift. It caught us unaware and put us under pressure for about ten minutes, we got our reefs in and got quite wet in the process.
Dinner below deck for the first time this trip. A large pod of Dolphin circled us to welcome us on to our new tack and waited with us while we settled Cerys back down.
Suspicious of Joeys cooking this evening. The fish pie was excellent and ample, but how can you trust a guy who wont eat his own orange tart? Hunger, however, overrode suspicion and it was gizzarded down...to hell with the risks.
The wind died off soon after the shift. I think we had just hit the convergence of the high pressure area to the low that is just north of us. The barometre has dropped from 1025 to 1020. Expecting it to rise again tomorrow as we get back into the high and head for our windless hole.
We probably had our best days run, about 170 nautical miles.
Flanno has thrilled us with a new pair of pants. I am pretty sure he made them himself, although this has been strenuously denied. I would say he used four pillow cases and some high end butcher twine in the construction. Looking at him from this angle I am sure his father would be ashamed.
We have Joey in hand me down foul weather gear, I am sure his wife would be proud.
In the galley the competition is heating up. Gordon Ramsay V Jamie Oliver V All of Sicily..
Sicily has come out on top in the bread wars and has definitely won the battered kitchen award. Flanno makes a meal like a hit man in a butcher shop, Joey picks up the pieces.
The eggs were rotten today and the bananas didnt survive the squall.
Off we went out of Saint Martin
Cursin' and spittin' and Fartin'
five days out from shore
became a terrible bore
Worse still, we were only just startin'
Competition update:- I am now in the lead in the bread wars.