Thu 6 May 2010 10:10
POS 27:01N 64:12W
Wind E 3-4
Speed 7.2
Heading 358T
Loosing fishing lures by the dozen at $10 each its going to make it an expensive trip. Hooking fish that are too big for us, tuna I think. Had the knife and chopping board on the stern yesterday ready for sushi when we landed two and a half pounds of weed.
We have seen no other vessel since our first night at sea although we have been fooled on occasion by the rising moon which, as it nudges above the horizon, can easily be mistaken for a liner.
The discussion around the dinner table would be more appropriate around a ripped pool table and we are only four nights at sea. I wonder how low we can go in three weeks.
Still, its entertainment of a sort and film night didnt work out so well last night. Tomorrow we will to try hide and seek.
The wind has been about 10 knots stronger than forecast all the way. That made the first two days heavy going but we are glad of it now as we are currently running at 7.7 knots. Cerys makes a handsome shape under full sail.
David is sleeping extremely well, the rest of us, restless under visions of him in speedos, are fairing less well.
The ocean is gentle tonight apart from the odd punch landed, the sharp slap of a wayward wave, the shudder of the rigging. Atlantic just reminded us who is boss.
Since we changed watches I have lost the moon but I am sure I can make out the flatness of the Arann Islands to port and sometimes the peak of Montserrat astern.
The clouds have rolled in - a final curtain for the starry show tonight, for tonight at least - "Eencore" ........but nothing.
Wind gusting 15-20 just hit 8.1 knots at 16.6 knots of wind. I hope we can dream of that Speedo tonight.